Thursday, January 15, 2015

Talk at B&H!

B&H Talk on February 12th


I will be talking about my twenty years as a photographer and what I did to make it work. I’ll discuss my current photography and filmmaking. The core of the lecture will be on my photography in the industrial world, and balancing my work in the commercial and fine art markets. I will also discuss my video projects and how my fear of filmmaking has encouraged me. 

In addition, I will talk about the importance of showing one’s work and the evolutionary process that occurs. I'll cover the issue of editioning fine art prints as well as the relevance of judging and reviewing panels at both reviews and competitions. 

I will also discuss ways to go about about finding and creating peer groups in your life in which to share work, research, and other resources.

The goal is to walk away from the event feeling inspired to create, and continue the growing process of the artist’s craft.

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Thursday, January 8, 2015

"Pool" Published in Reader's Digest

I'm pleased to announce that "Pool" from the series Next Stop Atlantic  was chosen as the "Photo of Lasting Interest" for the December-January issue of Reader's Digest! 

Check it out!