Sunday, December 20, 2009

Art Basil and VERGE!

I have been meaning to post  something about my experience here for quite some time and I am just getting my head around to the idea- basically it is YOU HAVE TO GO!  It is a wonderful experience seeing friends from New York in the warmth of Miami in Dec!  There are collectors in New York that will fly to Miami to purchase work that WON"T cross the bridges to get to brooklyn so its helpful for the brooklyn galleries to be there!  Art fans- there is a hostel there that hosted one of the art fairs this past year, maybe with a little bit of work the rest of the hostel can be taken over by art and artists and make the entire hostel arted....

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Brace for Impact on Elizabeth Avedon's blog

I met Elizabeth at ASMPNY's  Mary Virginia Swanson lecture   earlier in November.  We talked briefly about the ASMPNY  board  and then that was about the end of it until i got a sweet email from her about the photos from flight 1549 and asking if it would be ok to post them on her blog- the story is here thank you Elizabeth!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I am pleased to share with  you that the images from flight 1549 and the American Reclamation project will be at VERGE artfair in Miami hosted by Frontroom Gallery.   December  3-6  Please stop by

Thursday, November 12, 2009

MacTribe podcast interview

Interview by MacTribe at Photo Plus at Sigma's gallery opening of our images shot with the DP-2.

16,996 emails and I lost taco bell

Latest  email blast that i did which features the image in the Communication Arts Photo Annual this year.
Numbers are looking good over 3000 opened it, i only lost a handful of people including someone at Taco bell ( i think i could make some GREAT photos at their packaging plant)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

one more from sigma dp-2

this wasn't one that made it into the show but after our monthly crit group last nite and realizing that it looks a little like the side view of a nicely made cake i figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to put it out there- tasty!

Friday, November 6, 2009

The USS New York

I have been meaning to photograph this vessel for about two years once I heard that the hull was going to incorporate some of the steel from the twin towers.  Here she is docked next to the USS Intrepid

Monday, November 2, 2009

catching up on it again- a good couple of weeks

ok what a nice crazy  two weeks!  

Webster University students at frontroom gallery, Jacqueline Bovaird from Glass house and I spoke for about 2 hrs on photo stuff, was really nice (she's a great speaker if you ever need one!).  The PPE parties were fun with the Hasselblad and Pop photo parties topping them out damn good mini burgers! The reception of my work at Sigma's  booth at PPE was nice with a couple of new introductions and a web tv interview that I should have soon.  Then ASMPNY's  Print on Demand event at PPE  was well received with over 80 people attending  I was really glad we weren't all alone in the room speaking to a blank wall!  THEN  AARP editorial, and one more shoot  that i am in love with.  Sat nite  Front Room Gallery's  ten year anniversary show opened  with two of my images from flight 1549  in the show  along with Amanda Alic, Sasha Bezzubov, Thomas Broadbent, Ethan Crenson, Eric Guzman, Sean Hemmerle, Allan Packer, Melissa Pokorny, Emily Roz, Philip Simmons, Patricia Smith, Mark Stilwell and Edie Winograde.  Yesterday I was speaking at Suffolk County Community College where I am also on the advisory board (Thank you Allen!)   AND i just got a request to be a mentor / speaker at SVA next month.  That's about it for October

Sunday, October 18, 2009

the portfolio review, a confession

I have to admit  the entire reason i got involved with doing portfolio reviews  was so I could meet  more creatives.  It was just a happy accident that everyone else benefits  from it too.  Its  really the perfect balance for me,  I get to call and meet these creatives and at the same time so does everyone else.  OK, done on the confession.  Last week ASMPNY  hosted the annual commercial review that i have helped run for a number of years.  Roy Hsu, Sarah Small, Jason Gardner, Matt Greenslade, Michelle  Kwaka, Susan MayTell,  Christine Austin, and others over the years  have helped put this review together  and it is a growing success.   Thank you to Tribeca Skyline Studio last week, it is an amazing space and for sure played  a major part  in how the event ran with all of their support.  Here are a  couple of reviewers that posted  after the event.
Stella Kramer
Fresh Produce
Catherine Talese on  SPD (Society of Publication Designers)
           Thanks again to everyone who has donated time over the years  to be a reviewer at the portfolio reviews!

Friday, October 16, 2009

oct 20th 2pm at front room gallery w glasshouse, webster university

On tues, oct 20th at 2 pm Daniel Aycock from front room gallery, Jacqueline Bovaird from Glass house assignment, and myself are meeting w students from Webster university at  front room (147 roebling).  If you want to stop by to meet the students come on down!  We are going to be talking about what we do, nyc, and

IPG Combines Deutsch, Lowe

IPG Combines Deutsch, Lowe

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young photographers alliance

What a great nite  - three choices of deviled eggs, nice beer, friendly staff, got a chance to say hi to Mark Seliger who i haven't talked to in ten years.  A number of colleagues, friends, and artists were all there donating their time and their prints and it always makes me happy seeing the community getting together to support our arts. I had two prints available at the auction and I am  very flattered by all of the bidding  that went on to get these two images.  It was a great event, looks like it raised quite a bit of money for the scholarships,  so  congratulations  to YPA  for a great event!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009


frontroom gallery Sunday Oct 4th   4pm,
hope to see you there, i will be talking about some of the unique details of the images

Monday, September 28, 2009

catching up on thinking about it! NEW DATE FOR GALLERY TALK SUN OCT 4th

Just got back from a week in the outer banks  shooting, 4 wheelin, swimming- thank you Sigma for the DP-2!

The press  has been incredible for "Brace for impact, the aftermath of flight 1549" with the work being featured  at Stella Kramer's blog,  NBC, MSNBC, IMDB, The Daily News, Resource Magazine, The New York Times City Room, and  Vanity Fair!  One random shoe company also posted it on their blog, along with a newsletter from a Corcoran agents who emails weekly about  happenings in Bklyn.  Thank you everyone who made it out to the opening and please stop by Sat Oct 3rd for the gallery talk!

Oct 1st --  B&H photo  34th at @ 9th ave Thursday Oct 1st  from 3 til 5:30 about Brace for Impact   and American Reclamation, a project on the recycling industry in the fifty states.

Oct 4th-  4:00pm  Front room gallery  147 Roebling, @ metropolitan brooklyn ny-   gallery talk about the images in the exhibition

Oct 13th- 7-10pm   Young photographers Alliance  Silent Auction and reception with awards being presented by photographers  Mark Seliger , Mary Ellen Mark and Fred Conrad.Mark Randall from WorldStudio, and Lauren Wendle, VP/Publisher PDN will also be speaking.  I have two pieces available.  This is a NFP raising money to give scholarships  to children in need to help support their education in photography.  Tickets are $85 in advance.  The reception is going to be held at Metropolitan Pavilion, 110 West 19th Street, New York, NY 10011  Other artists in the auction include Martin Parr, Andrew Hetherington , Henry Horenstein and others.

Oct 20th  7pm  Location TBD-    Students from Webster university from St. Louis  are going to meet with me and a couple other creatives to talk about photography.  If you want to join - email me for location and speaker updates

Oct  22nd- 24th  - 3 images  will be on display at Photo Plus East, commissioned by Sigma

Oct 23rd-  Don't Judge a book by its cover,  a Print on Demand Book review at   Photo Plus East-

that's it for the month as far as i know!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

brace for impact, the salvage of flight 1549 on NBC

here is the video interview ( NEW LINK, this one should be good) from NBC' that Daniel Aycock, the gallery Director of Front Room Gallery, and I did with nbc channel 4's reporter Andrew Siff.   The story was picked up by NBC  washington dc and nbc portland maine as well!  I am going to be doing a live interview  on MSNBC about the exhibition sunday sept 13th at 8:50 am and again at 10:40 am The opening is tonite  Sat sept 12th from 7-10 pm!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Vanderbuilt Foundation Fundraiser

Curated by Celeste Holt-Walters and Audrie Lawrence.  All proceeds will go directly to support the Vanderbilt Republic Foundation’s inaugural project, “Masters”. This fall, the Foundation, in an unprecedented partnership with Arn Chorn-Pond and Cambodian Living Arts, will devote four weeks to rigorously documenting the lives of the Cambodian performing masters who narrowly survived the Khmer Rouge in a manner their stories deserve, and with an approach that honors and celebrates their significance in our world.
Purchase tickets for the reception  here  and i will see you Thursday Sept 10th 7-10pm  at 22 w 22nd st, ny ny ( Calumet's  exhibition space)
blender, 2008 13x19 ink jet print

Friday, August 28, 2009

Brace for impact, the aftermath of flight 1549

The Front Room Presents 
"Brace For Impact: the aftermath of flight 1549"
Photographs by Stephen Mallon
September 10th-October 11th, 2009
Reception Sat. Sept 12th, 7-10
Viewing hours: Fri-Sun 1-6 and by appointment

"On Jan. 15, 2009, a few Canadian geese with bad timing became snarge, a steely pilot became a hero, and the world became fascinated with images of a jet splashing into the Hudson River and then floating calmly as passengers crowded its wings.

But until now, few people have seen the equally surprising pictures of the second half of this story: when a salvage team used the biggest floating crane on the East Coast to pluck the ill-fated Airbus A320 from the frigid water.”

Matthew Shechmeister, “Wired Magazine”

Front Room Gallery is pleased to present Stephen Mallon's "Brace For Impact: the aftermath of flight 1549.” It is very difficult to encapsulate the events that happened during and following the crash of flight 1549, but Stephen Mallon's large-scale photographs, taken during the salvage of the fuselage and engine, impart a physicality and scale to these incomprehensible occurrences. Mallon's photos present us with the aftermath of this disaster and remind us how it was averted despite nearly unbeatable odds through the mastery and bravery of the pilot and crew.

Stephen MallonNever before has a commercial aircraft crashed in the Hudson with the complete survival of all passengers and crew. They were rescued by the Circle Line sightseeing cruise ferry (along with other rescuers) almost instantly. Men, women and children waited their turns patiently standing on the wings of the plane, half-submerged in the icy water on what felt like the coldest day of the year. This feat is a testament to the bravery of the crew and passengers.

As the fuselage and engine of the aircraft were later brought up intact by a gigantic crane and a team of divers in heated wetsuits, Stephen Mallon captured the moment standing on the deck of the crane-barge. In Mallon's uncanny photographs the plane sometimes appears to be a metaphorical wounded animal, like a whale lifted completely out of the water. It is damaged, beat up and missing one of its engines, but it nevertheless survives. The divers, in their heated wetsuits with huge face-gear, seem like astronauts floating through an icy void in space. And, we finally get a glimpse of the famous engine—disabled by some unfortunate Canadian geese—in a stunning pseudo-portrait by Stephen Mallon as it is lifted from some eighty feet of icy water.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

2009 Lucie Awards

I am pleased to announce that The Salvage of FLight 1549 has placed 2nd in the 2009 Lucie Awards Industrial photography category. The Lucie's are In their 7th year, with nearly 18,000 submissions spanning 104 countries! The IPA has established itself as an international recognized competition that continues to garner the attention of the photography community worldwide. The details of the winning for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place are available to view at under the 'Gallery' section here.

The debut of this exhibition takes place as a prelude to the Lucies, held this year on Saturday, October 17th at Splashlight Studios.

The Lucie Awards ceremony held this year at the newly renovated Alice Tully Theatre, Lincoln Center, New York on Monday, October 19, 2009 purchasable at This is a first-come, first-serve event.

Join us for the biggest night in photography as we pay tribute to Photography's Living Legends and reveal the 2009 International Photographer of the Year, the Discovery of the Year and the Deeper Perspective Photographer of the Year!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Flashes of Hope

About two years ago i was referred to Flashes of Hope from ASMP national about photographing children that are fighting cancer and other life threatening illnesses. The children and families were wonderful and I am happy to be able to share these little moments that i had with them.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

bbc tearsheet

Two of the images from my American Reclamation project were just published by the BBC in their story on artificial reefs

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My grant and residency search

another heavily biased search on my end but feel free to check out here. Its a google doc so it should be automatically updating as i add more things

Saturday, July 18, 2009

my art deadlines ical

This is another ical that i have- its really subjective because its usually only photo/art competetions that i want to enter but I am up for sharing- as before if you want anything added to the list feel free to send it to me!

ical here

web here


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The ministry of culture

due to my addiction to ical I have been publishing the ministry of culture ( the name is inspired by the british dj's ministry of sound) for a number of months now listing events and openings. If you have any you would like to include in the future please email them to me at

you can subscribe to the ministry of culture here
view on the web here

Here is a little press on the ministry of culture
SP Photo Fest

Monday, June 29, 2009

compassionate eye foundation shoot

Me, Johannes Kroemer and Christopher Robbins and the entire crew all donated a day to shoot for the Compassionate Eye Foundation. Here are a couple of my images from the day. Thank you Dawn, Lisa, Stephanie, and Craig at image source and everyone who donated their time and efforts to put this together!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

website and email back on line!

it really is no fun not having a site or email for 12 hrs- sorry for any trouble this might have caused

website down

site is down sorry for any delays stand by should be back up shortly!  in the mean time my office # is 212 979 0561 and you can reach me at

hopefully up soon!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

email blast

you can see my latest promo here It went out to the largest email list i have done- over 17000 people just got it via my mail server service agency access- the stats are still coming in but its looking pretty good with just a couple of unsubscribers one of which i find quite amusing- cat fancy. I don't know why they were on my list of editorial at all but its pretty funny that was one of the few people that selected to opt out. Ive got meetings for the next couple of weeks with creatives - lets see what people say! cheers.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

its not my dirt after all- canon mark IIIds

Turns out it wasn't the beach, the boat, me being messy- the oil spots showing up are the fault of oil from the low pass filter-

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Beate Chelette's interview may 20th

Beate Chelette's interview with stephen mallon may 20 th- you can listen to the recording of it here

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Friday, May 15, 2009

nyph list, banning stuff, and more stuff

crazy story about Jon Saunders getting banned by blurb on his blog iliketotellstories

FIT folio review yesterday, really nice, cool insane asylum photos, one really pretty book w very illustrative portrait work in it... soo cool

the nyph photo festival  competition is tonite,  I made it on the nomination list, keep your fingers crossed for me!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

trying to be every day

ok, im really going to work on posting more often i promise!  Went to the  Doug Menuez lecture that my asmpny board member Cyndie organized tonite for us and was GREAT.  Such a nice guy and great work and positive about photography - walked out feeling pretty inspired!
Parson's talk  that i did today  went well, students were talking and asking questions which is a great sign cause it means they were listening!  
Tomorrow is all about follow-ups, got my billing done, now i have to reach back out to all of the contacts i made at photolucida and the referrals that i was given to keep pushing flight 1549- more news on that  on its blog!

Monday, May 4, 2009

speaking easy

ok, i  just spoke at FIT last week, i am now on the suny suffolk county advisory board for their photo program, i am speaking at Parsons  on wed  and i will be having a web interview may 20th that you can subscribe to here for free at photosecrets,  There is some more press coming too soon as details are in place i will tell all!
i was at photolucida the weekend before last and i have to say i think it was a career changing experience for me- the contacts, the feedback, the support, the COFFEE!!! oh wow stumptown was tasty.  I tried to recreate it here but hasn't worked yet.

also, the salvage of flight 1549 has its own blog now,  check it out here ( not much on line yet)

Thursday, April 16, 2009


thanks again for all of your support and help in getting these images back online!


USAirways  has released the images from the salvage operation!!! Thank you all for your support, comments, and reaching out to get the images available again!  I have to do a couple of things ( estimate, edit, retouch) but the web gallery should be live shortly!  

Thursday, April 2, 2009

its helping!!! USAirways and their legal team have contacted me about flight 1549

Thank you everyone that commented on this, reached out and  posted their feelings on this.  The legal firm representing AIG and USAirways has reached out and is now  reviewing the images and the requested usage -   stay tuned!!!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

USAirways original request for my photos

 USAirways originally thanked me for shooting the salvage and asked to have the images for their archives.   When they didn't want to pay for any of the images I decided to hold of on releasing them to USAirways....
Thank you all for your support!  Hopefully AIG and USAirways will change their mind soon and let me have my photos back on line and hopefully i will be able to produce that dream show i had in mind  when I originally finished the images for Weeks Marine and J. Supor and Son.  

flight 1549 USAirways and aig story at the online photographer

flight 1549 USAirways and aig story at pdnonline

story on the aig flight 1549 hold up at stellazine

thank you stella!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

help free the photos of flight 1549

if you wish to voice your opinion to USAirways or AIG- their contact info is here:

media contact is  480 693 5909 or

AIG aviation  can be reached at  or on their home page here

Friday, March 20, 2009

aig and the law

im curious if USAirways' lawyer  is correct about ntsb having to ask them first about getting my photos for their investigation?  Anyone ever photograph a federal investigation scene for a private company before?  Does the ntsb pay usage?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

flight 1549 back OFF LINE

AIG and USairways lawyer firm just informed me that none of the images are to be released to the public.... Its sounding like forever and ever right now but things can change.... ARGH!!!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

im back!!!

sorry the blog has been static for so long- stuff coming soone!  the salvage of flight 1549 has gotten some nice press and it should be relesased for editorial soon-  limited edition book has been made, first 10 copies are shipped will have a couple at the folio  review on the 31st!