Sunday, November 29, 2009

Brace for Impact on Elizabeth Avedon's blog

I met Elizabeth at ASMPNY's  Mary Virginia Swanson lecture   earlier in November.  We talked briefly about the ASMPNY  board  and then that was about the end of it until i got a sweet email from her about the photos from flight 1549 and asking if it would be ok to post them on her blog- the story is here thank you Elizabeth!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I am pleased to share with  you that the images from flight 1549 and the American Reclamation project will be at VERGE artfair in Miami hosted by Frontroom Gallery.   December  3-6  Please stop by

Thursday, November 12, 2009

MacTribe podcast interview

Interview by MacTribe at Photo Plus at Sigma's gallery opening of our images shot with the DP-2.

16,996 emails and I lost taco bell

Latest  email blast that i did which features the image in the Communication Arts Photo Annual this year.
Numbers are looking good over 3000 opened it, i only lost a handful of people including someone at Taco bell ( i think i could make some GREAT photos at their packaging plant)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

one more from sigma dp-2

this wasn't one that made it into the show but after our monthly crit group last nite and realizing that it looks a little like the side view of a nicely made cake i figured it wouldn't be a bad idea to put it out there- tasty!

Friday, November 6, 2009

The USS New York

I have been meaning to photograph this vessel for about two years once I heard that the hull was going to incorporate some of the steel from the twin towers.  Here she is docked next to the USS Intrepid

Monday, November 2, 2009

catching up on it again- a good couple of weeks

ok what a nice crazy  two weeks!  

Webster University students at frontroom gallery, Jacqueline Bovaird from Glass house and I spoke for about 2 hrs on photo stuff, was really nice (she's a great speaker if you ever need one!).  The PPE parties were fun with the Hasselblad and Pop photo parties topping them out damn good mini burgers! The reception of my work at Sigma's  booth at PPE was nice with a couple of new introductions and a web tv interview that I should have soon.  Then ASMPNY's  Print on Demand event at PPE  was well received with over 80 people attending  I was really glad we weren't all alone in the room speaking to a blank wall!  THEN  AARP editorial, and one more shoot  that i am in love with.  Sat nite  Front Room Gallery's  ten year anniversary show opened  with two of my images from flight 1549  in the show  along with Amanda Alic, Sasha Bezzubov, Thomas Broadbent, Ethan Crenson, Eric Guzman, Sean Hemmerle, Allan Packer, Melissa Pokorny, Emily Roz, Philip Simmons, Patricia Smith, Mark Stilwell and Edie Winograde.  Yesterday I was speaking at Suffolk County Community College where I am also on the advisory board (Thank you Allen!)   AND i just got a request to be a mentor / speaker at SVA next month.  That's about it for October