Friday, August 3, 2012

Sight Unseen: high/low


SIGHT UNSEEN: high/low


When: Saturday, August 4th 2012
Time: 8:00pm
Where: Artist's Television Access
Entry: $6

We are pleased to announce that "The Volare" has been selected by curator Billy Miller to be included in Sight Unseen.

•  “Susan Blond” (2011)
“David Bienenstock” (2011)
Produced & created by Scott Newman & Marc Santo for REVEL NY
•  “A Week at The Western Hotel” (2010)
“Threads of Collar City” (2011)
By Brenda Ann Kenneally
•  “Drive by Modernism” (2012)
Directed by Marc Santo, Produced by Gary Krieg, Janice Grube
•  “Bel Air” (2011)
By Niklas Goldbach
•  “The Volare” (2012)
By Stephen Mallon

 “Creepy Kids” (2012)
By Peter Schneider

•  “Colonic”, “The Jiz Commercial”, “Bye Bye Ba Nee” (2010)
By Sienna D’Enema

•  “Pillars”
By Darrin Martin

"The Volare" - Stephen Mallon

"An accelerated look at the construction of the first new roller coaster to be built in 70 years at Coney Island, New York – commissioned by the Wall Street Journal."

"Warhol Superstars • Marijuana • Modernist Homes • Roller Coasters • Clones • Scary Movie Kids • Rust Belt Survivors • Politically-Incorrect Cartoons • Architectural Containment • & MORE!"

For more information go to:


  Artists' Television Access
992 Valencia Street
San Francisco, CA 94110
(415) 824-3890

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