Friday, August 10, 2012

DIY: Photographers and Books


DIY: Photographers & Books

We are pleased to announce that the catalogs "American Reclamation" volume one, volume three, and "Brace for Impact, Salvage of Flight 1549" have been included in the "DIY: Photographers & Books" Gallery.

When: Saturday, August 11th - Sunday December 30th 2012
Where: The Cleveland Museum of Art
General Admission is Free


Some of the Photographers and the books that are being fetured:

Pascal Amoyel & Thomas Bouquin
• Un, Montréal-Paris (2011)
• Duex, Montréal-Paris (2012)
• Trois, Montréal-Paris (2012)

Goseong Choi
• "Umma" (2011)

Robert Dunn
• OWS (2012)

Mishka Henner
• Astronomical (2011)
• Less Américains
• No Man's Land II
• Photography Is (2012)

Lisa Kereszi
• Joe's Junk Yard (about 2002)
• Fantasies (2007)

Michael Loderstedt
• Groveland Utopia
• New York: The Taxona Photographs (2012)

Stephen Mallon
• American Reclamation (2009)
• The Salvage of Flight 1549 (2009)
• The Reefing of USS Radford (2011)

Steve Syd
• No Comment (2011)

Yury Toroptsov
• Why Was I Born in Russia (2010-11)

Wil van Iersel
• One Week from Every Day a New Book (2011)
• Who the F*ck is Carla (2012)

Hermann Zschiegner
• 34 Parking Lots (2006)
• Seascapes (2009)
• Every Coffee I Drank in January 2010 (2010)

for the complete list visit DIY: Photographers & Books


From Curator Barbara Tannenbaum
DIY: Pootographers & Books, my first show at the Cleveland Museum of Art, opens this Saturday, August 11 and remains on view through December 30. The first museum show to focus on print-on-demand photobooks, it contains 157 books by 134 artists from Europe, Asia, and throughout the U.S. Each book can be handled, read, and re-read. If you can't visit the show in person, the website has a list of all the books with links to those that can be purchased and/or previewed on the Internet. A small catalogue/extended gallery guide will be available for purchase through the CMA store


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