Friday, September 9, 2011

things to ask a publisher- pipe dreams at the beach on facebook

a pipe dream just came up about getting a book published of my recycling images.  Its not soo much that the images  or my career isn't ready , its just my delussions of grandure kind of play out in funny ways in my head about how things will unfold.  I have been working on a recycling project for almost 4 years, have gotten some amazing press and awards for the latest projects, so why not right?    Im back on dry sand for a few minutes and i would love to hear some feedback / ideas/ research notes from people!

reading/ research material

Mary swanson's  how to publish your photo book (DUH!  ordering right now)
art works-  ( already reading this)
ask elizabeth avedon all of these questions!
ask all your friends who have had a book published already

questions you should ask  the publisher

print run?
size of book?
paper/ cover stock?
schedule for book?
who and where is going to be printed?
who is writing the introduction?
who is the designer?
who is the eidtor?
print on demand/ digital versions?
URL for the book?
Who is handling the PR for the book?

questions you need to ask yourself

i've got none
what's my budget?
this isn't going to make any money most likely, its just going to be an amazing promo piece if i do it right
what's the realistic schedule for a book?

what you need to know before walking into a meeting with a publisher

probably have answers for all of the above questions

what should be in the contract

look at all the questions above for the publisher!

what press requirements do I have

book tour- nyc of course, where else?  book fairs?

if you have content or comments  you would like me to add to this post please send it along!

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