Sunday, September 11, 2011

my heart is hurting

i  remember, i feel it, i look at other people's pain, i see it, i didn't shoot any photos because of my feelings about not making money on people's suffering.  I remember it,  I lost a member of my family line that I never met ten years ago, i hurt from this tragedy, i remember it, I am sorry and saddened for everyone who has been hurt by this act of hatred.  Almost 3000 people were killed ten years ago and thousands more since due to people's inability to accept a different faith.  It is a religious war, oil fueled religion in some of the invasions, but a religion non the less.  My uncle was killed in a religious war more then a decade ago, he was killed for working for what was considered the enemy. I am asking everyone who reads this to think about not judging people but working on how to understand them.  you don't have to agree, but think about how to understand so we can all learn how to live with each other.
sept 11th, 2011

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