Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Walnut Hill
Next Stop Atlantic

"Sink" 20x30 Chromogenic print 4/5 

Opening Reception :  Saturday Nov 12th 4-6pm
Until Jan 5th 2017

551 Warren Street
Hudson, New York 12534

(843) 324-5614

Walnut Hill Framing and Fine Art Services

Walnut Hill : Exhibition Framing and Fine Art Services is proud to present a selection of works from "Next Stop Atlantic".

In a bold move, the NYC Transit authority joined the artifcial reef building program off the East Coast of the US in 2000 and sent stripped and decontaminated subway cars off on barges to be dropped into the Ocean in order to build refuge for many species of sh and crustaceans which would colonize the structures.

Mallon traces the progress of the train cars on their way towards their last voyage, majestic waves approach the viewer in these large scale photographs as they too are transported out to sea to behold the lifting and transfer of these massive machines. One photograph hauntingly depicts elements of nature creeping into their barren hulls, drifts of snow lines the walkways, a glimpse of sunshine streams through their removed doors as they wait in stacks to be carted off to sink to the dark depths of the ocean oor.

Mallon’s photographs elicit both the sadness and the beauty of cascading water overtaking these iconic g- ures of New York transit as they sink beneath the sur- face of the water; surges and sprays are caught in time. Stephen Mallon dedicated the last three years to fol- lowing this endeavor, chronicling the last phase of NYC Transit’s involvement in this program. The photographs that are presented in this exhibition capture the grandi- osity of this effort; the weight of these 18-ton train cars can be felt as they are ferried off and plunged into the water.

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