Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Next Stop Atlantic to be featured at LOOK3

Next Stop Atlantic will be presented in a slide show on June 10th at LOOK3 Festival of the Photograph, just one day after my opening in Chelsea at the Steven Kasher Gallery.

LOOK3 is 3 days of exhibitions, presentations, interviews, workshops, and outdoor projections in Charlottesville, Virginia. Guest curators, Kathy Ryan and Scott Thode, are designing a line-up of artists and programs around the theme of HOME.





Some info on the slideshow:

Showcasing some of the most exciting and innovative current photography projects today, these Friday and Saturday evening projections present a dynamic cross-section of work from photojournalism to fine art. In these 2 hour projections, established professionals and emerging talent are given the rare opportunity to fully express an entire project to a large audience. With the freedom to show many images and add voice and/or music to accompany the projection, artists are freed from typical commercial constraints. 

Some highlights of the festival include workshops by some incredible photographers such as Mary Ellen Mark, and an interview of Nan Goldin by Sally Mann. This festival is a little bit MAJOR.



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