Sunday, October 18, 2009

the portfolio review, a confession

I have to admit  the entire reason i got involved with doing portfolio reviews  was so I could meet  more creatives.  It was just a happy accident that everyone else benefits  from it too.  Its  really the perfect balance for me,  I get to call and meet these creatives and at the same time so does everyone else.  OK, done on the confession.  Last week ASMPNY  hosted the annual commercial review that i have helped run for a number of years.  Roy Hsu, Sarah Small, Jason Gardner, Matt Greenslade, Michelle  Kwaka, Susan MayTell,  Christine Austin, and others over the years  have helped put this review together  and it is a growing success.   Thank you to Tribeca Skyline Studio last week, it is an amazing space and for sure played  a major part  in how the event ran with all of their support.  Here are a  couple of reviewers that posted  after the event.
Stella Kramer
Fresh Produce
Catherine Talese on  SPD (Society of Publication Designers)
           Thanks again to everyone who has donated time over the years  to be a reviewer at the portfolio reviews!

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